Hinged mesh

7Hinged Joint Wire Mesh
: fencing of roads, agricultural lands and forests, 
Field Fence Netting, Deer Fencing mesh Roll, Cattle Sheep Field Farm Fence

Material: low-carbon steel wire, galvanized.
Roll height: 0.8 to 2m
Roll length: 50m
Cell size: different
Wire diameter: 1.8 to 2.2 mm

The style of Uniplast FlexJoint allows flexibility under pressure. Inaddition, the hinged construction mean snetting can be turned out at an angle of 90 degrees for use in special applications.

The highest levels of streng thand performance are required from fencing designed to tackle the danger posed by animals accessing high-speed roads and railways. Uniplast Road side Fencing effectively combats this problem. Uniplast Fencing offers unrivaled strength, durability and secure boundary.

Industrial chain link is not the only answer for fencing your garden, orchard or yard.

Spacing offence posts are usually between 5-7 meters apart.

A choice of heights and specification sen sure tailored, cost-effective solutions.


-       agricultureandforestry;

-       cropprotection;

-       roadandrail;

-       zoos.
Material: low-carbonwire, galvanized.

Uniplast mesh is produced in the following standard specifications, but other heights and mesh sizes can be manufactured on request.

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