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Galvanized chain-link mesh
– material – galvanized low-carbon steel wire;
– thickness of the zinc coating – according to GOST 3282-74, which is 60-90 grams / m2 (at the request of the customer, another amount of zinc is possible from 120 to 240 grams / m2);

- wire diameter (thickness) – 1.6-3.5mm;

- cell – 20-75mm;

- web length – 10-25 meters;

- roll height – 1-4 meters.

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Steel chain-link mesh  with PVC coating
Main mesh color: Green RAL6005.
Application: for fencing areas, tennis courts, sports grounds.
Material: low-carbon steel wire for general purposes, heat treated, galvanized and coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
Roll height: from 1 to 4m
Net length in a roll: from 10 to 25m
Cell size: from 25 to 60mm
Wire diameter: 2.5 to 4mm
Mesh warranty: 7 years



In the construction of highways, housekeeping, arrangement of forest and park areas, a hinge mesh is used. Its price in the “Uniplast” company is characterized by democracy. The mesh is made of galvanized wire that is twisted with a hinge knot. Its distinctive feature is that on one running meter all cells have different heights (the step of the horizontal rods decreases from the top to the bottom). Due to this, the hinge mesh has several advantages:
interchangeable weaving step reduces the cost of production (such a mesh is 25-30% cheaper than a galvanized chain-link mesh);
mobility, the ability to quickly mount and dismantle;
the minimum number of posts required to install the fence (they can be placed at a distance of 8-12 m from each other).
The hinged mesh is the optimal solution for a practical and inexpensive fence. It is often used for fencing large areas and is supplied in rolls. This facilitates its transportation and installation. To learn more about the properties of products and the terms of cooperation with us, call the numbers indicated in the “Contacts” section.

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Low-carbon galvanized wire GOST 3282-74
Manufacturing options:
– thermally treated (light annealed) and thermally untreated
Diameter (mm): 1.6 to 3.5
– production of metal meshes;
– production of fences, metal brushes, bucket handles, paper clips, staples, frames of various products, etc.
– for tensioning grape trellis and garden trellises



Wire galvanized plasticized PVC (RAL6005 Color)

Diameter (mm): 1.45 / 2.4; 1.65 / 2.5; 1.8 / 2, /; 1.9 / 3.0; 2.5 / 4.0 (in a skein of 50 m)
Application: for tension of a chain-link mesh with PVC, for tension of grape wall-paper and garden wall-paper; in everyday life.

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