Chain Link Mesh with PVC

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Fencing colour
: Green RAL6005.


-       GeneralSecurity;

-       Boundary;

-       Anti-intruder;

Sports and recreation grounds.
Material: low-carbon annealed galvanized wire polyvinylchloride (PVC) coated.
Roll height: from 1 to 4 m
Roll length: from 10 to 25 m
Mesh size: from 25 to 60 mm
Wire dia: from 2.5 to 4 mm
Guarantee: 7 years

Chain Link mesh is an extremely versatile and widely-used product, suitable for a range of industrial and security applications.

Manufactured to the highest standards, it is available in a choice of wire gauges and mesh sizes.

Chain Link mesh PVC-coated is the best solution for tennis courts and other sports grounds. It can be successfully used as a boundary at the seaside (hotels, recreation centers, private cottages). Sea air can quickly destroy galvanized cover whereas PVC coating prevents metal corrosion.And even -25 ° C of frost cannot spoil PVC coating!

Mesh fencing is the long term investment for your garden or orchard.



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