Advantages of the chain-link mesh PVC coated  over welded panels used for fencing sports grounds.

Chain-link mesh PVC coated have a lot of advantages: the ability to select sections of the required size; low cost; trauma safety of the structure due to the elasticity of the mesh and its properties to suppress the force of impact. This is an ideal fencing for tennis courts and other sports grounds, due to the fact that such a fence has a single mesh fabric up to 4m high and a tennis ball does not fly through the cell. Unlike the welded mesh, in which the welding site is destroyed under constant physical stress, the chain-link mesh PVC-coated  does not collapse, because the wires are intertwined, and not welded. Examples of the operation of sports grounds and the condition of the nets over time:

Welded panels, welded mesh.

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Fences made from chain-link mesh PVC coated: galvanized RABITSA 

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