Welcome to the website of the main manufacturer of the chain link fence galvanized, PVC coating chain link fence and galvanized, hinger mesh (forest/road fence) in Ukraine and the CIS.


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 We are also a leading steel wire manufacturer. The products of Uniplast LLC are used in construction, agriculture and other areas of activity. Our products are in great demand in Europe and the CIS countries. Only we can offer our customers a unique combination of low price and high quality, thanks to the use of highly efficient foreign equipment that is not available to other manufacturers.

The products of Uniplast LLC



Hinged mesh, forest mesh


Chain Link Mesh with PVC


Chain-link mesh


The company “Uniplast” – provides services for the production and processing of black wire from raw materials supplied by the customer.

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9 reasons to buy our products:
– We are the only patent holder for PVC coated mesh.
– We are the manufacturers of the highest quality and most cost-effective mesh produced in the CIS;
– Imported machine tools and our own wire production guarantee quality products.
– We guarantee the durability of the coating for 7 years.
– Only our patented PVC (polyvinyl chloride) coating has protection against ultraviolet radiation for more than 10 years, is protected from acid rain and sea breezes, and also withstands frosts down to -40 degrees (does not crack)!
– We do not just sell the mesh, but comprehensively solve your fencing issues.
– We will provide accompanying bindings and posts
– We complete and send group orders. Delivery on the day of order is possible.
– We can offer unique prices to wholesale buyers.

If you need a high-quality mesh that will serve for many years and at the best price – order right now.


What you need to know when choosing a supplier! So that your fence does not fall apart in 5-10 years, so as not to worry about a new fence for 30-40 years – buy here. The quality of our products is protected and documented.

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