Welcome to the site of the chief producer of a grid of the Rabitz, including a grid “Rabitz” with a covering of PVC and a galvanized hinged grid in Ukraine and in the territory of the CIS. Also we are the leading producers on release of a steel wire. Production of Uniplast Ltd is used in construction, agriculture and other spheres of activity. Our production is in great demand in Europe and the CIS countries.

9 reasons to buy our production:
- We are the only patentees of a grid with PVC a covering.
- We are producers of the most qualitative and economic grid from made in the territory of the CIS;
- Import machines and own production of a wire guarantees qualitative production.
- We guarantee firmness of a covering for 7 years.
- Only our patented coating PVC (polyvinyl chloride) has UV protection, is protected from acid rain and sea breeze, and can withstand temperatures up to -40 degrees (or crack)!
- We not simply sell a grid, and in a complex we resolve your issues on a fencing.
- We will provide with the accompanying fastenings and columns
- We complete and send combined orders. Sending in day of the order is possible.
- We can offer the unique prices to wholesale buyers.

If you need the qualitative grid serving many years and at the most favorable price – order right now.
Vyacheslav: 067-638-22-35;  Galina: 098-827-21-98 (you call from 9.00 till 17.00) our managers will answer all your questions.

That it is necessary to know at a choice of the supplier! That your fence on was scattered in 5-10 years not to worry about a new fence within 30-40 years – buy here. Quality of our production is protected and documented.

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